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Green Team

R-E-C-Y-C-L-E   it begins with you and me!

NEW: Ask your student about our WORM FARMS!  We have built and are tending 4 worm farms in our building.  Why?? Well - so that we can produce composted material (yes, its worm poop) to add to our planting soil when we plant our tree this spring.  As your kids what the worms eat, and why we need the spray bottles!  Check out the pictures in the image gallery as we will be updating those too!

McElwain is proud to announce that in the fall of 2013 we received a $3000, 3 year grant from Green Up Our Schools!  As a result, our green team was formed including students from each classroom. Each child was provided with a shirt and a book.  They have worked hard this past year to help keep the recycling program going strong and educating fellow students and staff about what is and what is not recyclable.   In the spring, we planted two fir trees into pots that will grow inside for 2 years.  Following that period, we will be planting the trees outdoors and dedicating them to the school from the Green Team. We emptied the classroom recycle bins weekly and will continue to do so this coming year.  We held a No-Waste lunch event with drawings for each grade level in which they were awarded new lunch kits to continue bringing their lunch in no waste containers.

 For the 2014-2015 school year, we plan to visit a local recycling center, take further steps to increase our paperless habits and begin a composting program, which will cut down on cafeteria waste as well as provide rich compost for the gardening club to use when they plant in the spring.