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Home & School Connection-September & October 2018 ISSUES


We are pleased to anounce that you can now view monthly editions  right here!  Each issue is packed with quick, effective strategies that you can easily implement at home that will help to further your child's chances of success.  In addition, there will be periodic "bonus" publications.  Please click on the links below to start having some extra fun with your child while you enhance his/her learning experience!

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
PDF icon Bonus!-Build Better Behavior.pdf222.92 KB07/30/2018
PDF icon Bonus!-Homework Success.pdf226.73 KB07/30/2018
PDF icon Bonus!-Reading, Writing and Math.pdf235.42 KB07/30/2018
PDF icon Reading - Sept - Intmediate - English.pdf175.24 KB09/16/2018
PDF icon Reading - Sept - Intmediate - Spanish.pdf182.1 KB09/16/2018
PDF icon Reading -Oct - Beg - English.pdf189.48 KB09/16/2018
PDF icon Reading -Oct - Beg - Spanish.pdf192.62 KB09/16/2018
PDF icon Reading-Beg English.pdf194.93 KB09/16/2018
PDF icon Reading-Oct Intermed-English.pdf186.39 KB09/16/2018
PDF icon Reading-Oct Intermed-Spanish.pdf186.73 KB09/16/2018
PDF icon Reading-september-beginning- spanish.pdf194.58 KB09/16/2018