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Gifted & Talented

Our School’s GT Coordinator(s) Contact Information

Name(s): Courtney Armstrong

When is GT testing in my school?

Universal Screening: In Adams 12 Five Star Schools, 2nd and 6th graders who are not already identified GT participate in the Universal Screening process for potential gifted and talented identification. Find more detailed information regarding Universal Screening in the Five Star District.

Important dates for the Universal Screening process at our school:

Parent/Staff/Student GT Recommendation: All students can participate in the GT identification process by submitting a complete body of evidence. Find more detailed information regarding the GT recommendation process in the Five Star District.

If you are interested in having your child be considered for the GT identification process you need to contact your GT Coordinator for school specific information.

Important dates for the GT Recommendation process at our school: TBD

Gifted & Talented Program Offerings

Advanced Curriculum & Extended Learning:  “The Vehicle”
Provides the depth and complexity needed to ensure meaningful academic growth
Our school offerings include:

Approach to teaching and learning:

  • Apply learning to the real-world, college/career readiness, meaningful, relevant, authentic learning

Professional development plans: 

  • Professional Development for staff to implement GT best practices

Differentiated Learning Pathways:  “The Roadmap”
Provides an education at the appropriate level of readiness and challenge
Our school offerings include:

Structures and strategies for differentiation:

  • Appropriate structures to allow for differentiation- content, process, product, environment - Beginning to build stronger practices around differentiation based on student data and student need

Individualized Opportunities & Enrichment:  “The Customized Options”
Actively engages and motivates through interests and meaningful learning opportunities
Our school offerings include:

Extended learning:

  • Passion projects: actively engaging, challenging, meaningful, motivating students in their area of interest

Enrichment (during the school day): Adjusted curriculum 

Enrichment (outside of school day):

  • Enrichment, clubs, students in grades 3-5 that are either in the talent pool/pending or identified GT have historically participated in MCE’s Battle of the Books after school club - we are anticipating this again this school year

Social-Emotional Learning:  “The Destination”
Focuses on developing the whole child by balancing empowerment and accountability
Our school offerings include:

Structures and strategies to develop the whole child (NAGC competencies):

  • As a school - we are engaged in Restorative Approaches across the school and  leverage and teach students these practices in order to resolve conflict, build relationships (Connection Circles), be leaders (RA Peer Group), and to improve social interactions and social responsibilities.

    • Personal Competencies: self-awareness, advocacy, efficacy, confidence, motivation, resilience, independence, curiosity, risk-taking, emotional expression

    • Social Competencies: peer relationships and social interactions, social responsibility and leadership, communication skills, respect, collaboration

    • Actively take part in improving their lives for the better (groups, volunteer, community service, learn new strategies, outlook on life)