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4th Grade


We are extremely excited to start a new year. You can find all of this year's homework on this page.



Estamos muy emocionados de comenzar un nuevo año. Puede encontrar toda la tarea de este año en esta página.


Homework: Week of 10-8-18 /Tarea: semana de 1 de octubre

  Math/ matemáticas Reading/ lectura
Monday/lunes 10-8-18 Multiplicative Comparisons Taiga Ecosystems
Tuesday/martes 10-9-18 Solving Multiplicative Comparison Number Stories They See With Their Ears

Homework: Week of 10-1-18 /Tarea: semana de 1 de octubre

  Math Reading
Monday/lunes 10-1-18 2.5  Prime and Composite Numbers Color Shows Mood
Tuesday/martes 10-2-18 Converting Tables Why Does the Moon Orbit Earth?
Wednesday/miércoles 10-3-18 Interpreting Multiplication Estimation
Thursday/jueves 10-4-18 2.6 Using Multiplication United States Geography
Friday/viernes 10-5-18 2.7 Converting Units of Time Using Prior Knowledge
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