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August 14th, 2020

Principal Update 

Welcome Back Steggie Community:

One of my favorite authors, Isabelle Allende, once said, "We all have an unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to the test."  As McElwain Steggies return to school this year, we are living life virtually.  Our students are missing story time, recess, smiles, praise and hugs from their beloved teachers.  As a staff, our dream of smiling students showing up early in the morning ready for connection, has morphed into a zoom screen displaying small boxes of steggie smiles.  We know that this year will be different, but we also know that as a community we will get through it. We will come back live, in person and better than we were before.  Until that day comes, please know that we are here to listen, help and problem solve.  Our typical lives have been put to the test, however each and every day I see beautiful displays of strength from children, parents, teachers, support staff and our Adams 12 district.  Thank you for your patience and grace during these difficult times.  

Steggie Love 

Sara Olson

McElwain Principal


Staff - Principal

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Mrs. Sara Olson

Dear McElwain Community- I am humbled and honored to be the next principal at McElwain Elementary.  I fell in love with the school and surrounding community immediately due to the clear evidence of  genuine love... Read More