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Ms. Gaudreault's PE Class

Physical Education

Welcome to Mrs. Gaudreault-Lin  Physical Education Webpage 

I am so excited to begin the 2021-22 school year in person.  In case of the possibility that we return to remote again, please go to your child's Classroom DOJO page to access weekly PE information on the Learning Board.  Physical Education content will be towards the bottom of the Learning Board under Specials.  Each week, I will provide new activities, games, videos, and interactive challenges  for you to try at home with your family.  Additionally, there will be a Nutrition/Recipe section so you can create delicious meals and snacks with your family.

Physical Education will look and feel . . .  more normal right now.  Many after-school sports/activities are now available to students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. I advertise these to students via permission slips, morning announcements, and word of mouth. We will also return to school-wide activities such as the Elks Hoop Shoot, District Cross Country Meet, Lions Club Trackmeet, Field Day and more.  I look forward to working with every McElwain student/family this year. Until then be well and remember to try to get 60 minutes (or more) of exercise a day! 

TIP:  As we return to In-Person Learning, remember all the  POSITIVE and GOOD lessons and opportunities that we learned  when we were remote:  sharing mealtimes, having our pets as co-workers, family time, living room yoga, patio picnics  and quite simply, valuable time to be with one another and share what's important.

As we start this 2021 year with in- person learning, let us be mindful of where we have been, how far we have come, and where we are going. Reach for the Stars!! Remember to be gentle, kind and patient with yourselves and each other. :) 

 Mrs. Gaudreault-Lin's Office Hours  will be the following: 

Monday-Friday, 7:15-3:15pm

I can  be reached at 720-972-8552. I am connected to DOJO with every class, K-5. Feel free to send me a message there. If you prefer,  Zoom  or Google Meets can be available for conferences.  To set up, please email me: I would enjoy seeing and hearing from each of you! Again, I am here for you and your family as we navigate this educational & digital journey together; one hour, one day, one week at a time.